DEC Sign Specifications                                                              1/15/2002


Information obtained from DEC Sign Shop, Northville, NY


Alternative A

This is the preferred signage, for long life/low maintenance.


1.     Purchase Special Plywood, called MDO.

This material is very dense and will last several times longer than varnished pine signage.  This MDO Plywood has a “paper face” on one (or both) sides.  Cost approx. $35. per 4’x 8’ sheet (1/2” thick.)

2.     Prime with one coat of quality white exterior latex primer.

3.     Apply two (2) coats of “medium brown” color oil-base enamel:

·        Cabot paint (or other good quality paint)

·        OR use Chromatic Paint (Very Good!) from this source:

Reich Art Supply Co., Utica NY

1-800-338-3322              Ask for “Wes”

4.     Apply Vinyl Letters:

A potential source of PC generated letters (like DEC uses):

Contact George Bailey*, “Vinyl Sign Lettering Shop”

          Shop & Home telephone #: 518-863-8588

          * George works at DEC Northville Sign Shop

Color used by DEC: “Sunflower” color, manufactured by Kapco Vinyl Co.

5.     NO Varnish needed.


Alternative B

·        This is the standard pine wood DEC-type sign

·        Shorter life and higher maintenance (some signs need re-doing every year)

·        Process to build a sign takes 4 days


1.     Purchase good pine boards, 1” thick, with NO knots.

2.     (Day 1) Stain the board with a mix of the following formula:

1 gallon Cabot “Walnut” color exterior oil-base stain

to 1 pint Cabot “Burnt Umber” color exterior oil-base stain.

·        1st, stir and mix well

·        Apply mixed stain 1st with a brush, then rub with a rag

3.     (Day 2) Apply one coat Exterior Spar Varnish (medium density coat)

4.     (Day 3) Apply Vinyl letters (computer generated, as above)

5.     (Day 4) Re varnish, same as Day #2, above.