Adirondack Park Mountain Biking Initiative


Welcome World…We are OPEN for Riding!



          Are we “Ready” to announce this…for 2002?


Let’s look at where we are NOW… or WILL BE….

BEFORE the main 2002 Biking Season.


A.     Mountain Biking Centers:


We should have 6-8 Centers OPEN:


q                Inlet

q                Wilmington / Whiteface Mt.

q                Champion Paper

q                North Creek / Gore Mt.

q                Speculator / Oak Mt.

q                Lake Placid / Mt. VanHoevenberg

q                Long Lake


lAll of these are ‘on’ (or near) the two Federally designated ‘Corridors” in the Adirondack Park.  (Funding for trailheads, etc.)


l            The new Community based Interpretive Centers are open in or near most of these.


l            All of these Towns have “signed on” to the APMBI


l            All have local Chambers of Commerce/ Visitors’ Bureaus


l            Gateway Visitors’ Centers are “in place” along the Northway, in Amsterdam at Route 30 & 29, etc.



B.      “Sports Recreation Tourism”


l            Consider the impact of the current economic conditions / highest gasoline prices ever:

-         Fewer tourists?

-         Shorter stays?

-         More “day-tripping”, staying closer to home?

-         Fewer “return trips”?

l            We need to consider…NOW… a PARADIGM SHIFT to counteract those things!

-         We can not expect to get better results by doing the same things we have done before.


l            Let’s open 2002 with a ‘NEW’ SPORT! ….. “Off-Road” / “Cross Country” Riding.


l            Most tourists / sports enthusiasts desire a multi-sport or multi-activity vacation (a national trend).


l            Remember… Per the ANCA study (~ 1993), in addition to riding, bikers like to eat and to visit museums.  We already have  restaurants and museums!



C.     Timing:  This is the “Right” promotion…starting at the Right time.


l            NO ONE else is (really) doing it right or well, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, West Virginia!


l     Multi-use trails are available NOW!

q Hikers -- have been doing that forever

q Horse back riding -- has been around a long time

q           Mountain Biking -- the ‘new’ sport, only a dozen or so years old


l            “Build / promote it and they will come.”         


D.     What we need NOW: 


1.     An APMBI Tourism Coalition to develop the necessary promotion:

l            Adirondack Regional Tourism Council

l            ANCA

l            NYS Dept. of Economic Development

l            Others? _________________________________


2.     Some one or more organization(s) to fund a F/T or P/T person to:

a.      Organize the data base of existing trails

b.     Develop the maps for use by 2002 riders

c.     Promote mountain biking in the tourism and sports media (both state and nation wide).