Adirondack Park Mountain Biking Initiative

Lee and Judi Borland, Facilitators

c/o Bldg. Mgr., 43 Saranac Ave., Lake Placid, NY 12946

518-523-3959 (Lake Placid); 518-548-7506 (Speculator)



To Attendees of the IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew Workshops (8/3, 5, 6/01)


Now that you have attended a TCC Workshop, you may be wondering, “OK, now where do we go from here?”  Great question!!


It is a Goal of the Initiative to find and encourage a minimum of 6 to 8 towns/villages who will be “Ready for Riding” in 2002.


To be “Ready”, your Town will need…


q A grass roots MTB Committee of 2 to 6 people.  This could be a mix of bikers, small business people, Chamber of Commerce members, etc.

q To execute a Plan for a minimum of 3 or 4 MTB trails that could be ready for riding by May 1st, 2002.  These should be:


l sustainable, all weather trails or dirt roads that will meet the standards reviewed in the IMBA Trail Building Workshop.

l If the trails are on State land, DEC/APA approvals will be needed; if any are on private land, the landowners written permission must be obtained.

l The APMBI Trails Committee will serve as a resource where needed, i.e., consultation, assistance with contacts with the DEC, trail design, signage, mapping/trail difficulty classification, etc.


q To report back to APMBI by October 1 whether your town does or does not plan to be Ready for Riding for 2002.  The APMBI will help facilitate Park-wide publicity IF and when there will be 6 to 8 Mountain Biking Centers “Ready for Riding”.  It is important that you keep us informed since the planning and execution of an advertising program takes months to roll out.


q To take this Handout with you and share copies of it with your MTB Committee, and Report (in person!) at the next meeting of your Town/Village Board.


Other Resources Available to You:

1.     The web site.

Log on regularly for press releases, updates, “Tim’s Tips”, etc.  This is information you can use for “selling” your municipality’s involvement in this exciting new way to increase sports recreation tourism in your area and in the Park.      


2.     “Tim’s Tips” … 10 things needed for the Adirondack Park (and its Towns/Villages) to be Ready for Riding.  (from Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director of IMBA).  These are found on the website above.


3.     The website

Our APMB Initiative would not exist nor would you have received the benefits of the IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew’s Trail Building workshops without the support of IMBA.  They are a full partner with you already.. so please show your appreciation for what they are doing by:

q     Joining IMBA as an individual.  A basic membership is only $20.  Visit IMBA’s website… you can sign up there “on line”.  Or you can call their toll free # at 1-888-442-IMBA.  There are great member benefits too, such as the ability to buy a new Subaru at dealer invoice price, a FREE Yakima bike roof rack, etc.!

q     Get your organization/municipality to join IMBA too.  There are several membership levels, starting at $50.  Choose one and join.

q     Write to Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director of IMBA, and tell him how much you appreciate having the experience of attending the IMBA/Subaru Trail Care Crew workshop, and what Rich and Jen Edwards brought to the table to make it such a successful day.


IMPORTANT!  Your emails and letters to IMBA help in a major way to insure IMBA’s future ability to provide services like the Trail Care Crew, etc.  Their sponsors, especially Subaru, need to hear from all of us.. so please write Tim Blumenthal NOW!  Special thanks in advance to all who do so! His email is  His snail mail address is:

Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director

International Mountain Bicycling Association

PO Box 7578

Boulder, CO 80306


4.     The APMBI

Trails Committee                                     email

                   Chair, Paul Capone                     

                                Co-chair, Joe Moore                 

                   Tim Tierney                             

                   Rob Eccleston                         

                   Brian & Karen Delaney             

                   Gary Thomann                         

Joe Kahn                                  

Ted Christodaro