Summary of APMBI Mountain Biking Towns’ Breakout session on 11/07/02


Introduction of new towns involved in APMBI:          Old Forge, Long Lake, N. Hudson, Tupper Lake, and Indian Lake



He explained his trail system signage to us.





1)      Land categories need to be defined. For Example: Wilderness, Wild Forest, private, etc of the lands where trails are to be developed.

2)      Find out who to work with on those lands, DEC, private landowners

3)      Cooperation with all involved is necessary for success


·        Chuck Smith (Lake Pleasant) brought up and discussed the special requirements by specific landowners (in his case International Paper Co) of requiring outhouses, garbage barrels, and signage necessary to keep wandering bike riders away from land leaseholders.


There was a small discussion of funding sources for towns and municipalities, not too specific.


·        Bert Yost: Discussion of the noticeable, measurable “effect” of mountain biking on the community. Many questions were raised: 1) How can we measure the effect on the economy?  2) How can we measure the success biking has on the local economy?


This is tough to measure, but would be valuable in convincing town/village/local officials that Mtn. Bike riding would have a good effect on the community.


Day-Trippers vs. Overnighters: Overnight guests have a greater impact on the local area than day trippers. We’d love to have both, but the overnighters leave more money in the local economy.


General Questions:


1. Who owns Oak Mtn Ski area in Speculator? Norman Germain and his family, including Tom Germain the son.


2. How do you “write” grants? There are many requirements and sources, both of which are going to be compiled and collected. Grants are not all “easy” money, nor as numerous as people think they are. They take a lot of work and knowledge. When we work as volunteers in our Mtn. Biking areas, we must keep extremely detailed notes of hours worked, number of people working, money spent, supplies bought, etc. to count toward the “matching” dollars.


RECOMMENDATIONS / REQUESTS taken to the table after the break out session.


1)      We must schedule the IMBA/SUBARU trail care crew to have a workshop local to all of the new towns involved NOW, for the 2003 Spring.  We talked about having it in Long Lake.


2)      It would be nice to have a somewhat “secret” source of grant resources, available to all of the APMBI people, with support to help draw up these grants. Perhaps successful writers could help the new towns, and established Mtn Biking areas as well. We would like to keep this bank of knowledge somewhat quiet as to assure us a better success rate at obtaining the grants.


3)      It would be nice to have a centralized list of key resources of information, which would include each other’s email addresses, web sites, and government agencies which would help us in our trail building endeavors.


4)      Bert Yost coined the phrase “The Endless Trail”, to affirm our unity in bringing Mtn. Biking trails into the ADK’s, as well as linking these trails, thus promoting the idea that the ADK’s will become a destination for Mtn Bike Riding. Amen!


Recorded by Dean Nervik, Asst. MTB. Coordinator, Speculator/Lake Pleasant