Adirondack Park Mountain Biking Initiative

Lee and Judi Borland, Facilitators

C/o Building Mgr., 43 Saranac Avenue

Lake Placid, NY 12946

518-523-3959 (Lake Placid)

518-548-7506 (Speculator)


PRESS RELEASE:     For Immediate Release                August 16, 2001


Mountain Biking Trail Building Workshops a Huge Success


          During the first week of August, the International Mountain Bicycling Association Trail Care Crew led by Jen and Rich Edwards and sponsored by Subaru, facilitated three mountain biking Trail Building Workshops.  The results were outstanding. Three successful Trail Building Workshops in four days. Workshops in three counties, separated by many miles. 55 people attended, including 13 from the Department of Environmental Conservation,2 from the Adirondack Park Agency, 4 from the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), representatives from 8 Towns and villages, and several bike shops and avid mountain bikers.  Rich and Jen Edwards said the interest and two way dialogues were among the best they had ever experienced in dozens of workshops.


          The hosts for the Edwards’ eight-day stay in the Adirondack Park were Lee and Judi Borland of Speculator and Lake Placid.  This age 60-something couple are the Facilitators of the Adirondack Park Mountain Biking Initiative. The Borlands envisioned and have promoted the original objective of the Initiative---to encourage the development of the entire Adirondack Park as a true mountain biking destination.  Today the Initiative has grown to include 21 organizations and 24 towns and villages working together to develop that original vision of this relatively new sport’s potential into increased sports recreation tourism throughout the 6+ million acre Adirondack Park.


          Lee Borland commented, “The success of the Trail Building Workshops exceeded our wildest hopes in the number of attendees, the diversity of the backgrounds of those attending, and the enthusiasm shown.  The Workshops provided the fundamentals needed to build all-season, multi-purpose sustainable trails for use by hikers and mountain bikers.”


          The Initiative’s next step is to work with the Towns of Inlet, Wilmington and Lake Pleasant, who already have a Volunteer Mountain Biking Coordinator and a local grassroots Mountain Biking Committee. They also intend to encourage several other towns and villages to develop a similar plan, following the example of the three “model” towns.  It is an immediate goal of the Initiative to find and encourage a total of six to eight towns who could be “Ready for Riding” in 2002 with a minimum of 3 or 4 loop-type mountain biking trails.  Then, the Initiative’s Steering Committee will help facilitate the planning and execution of a State and tourism-industry sponsored advertising campaign to spread the word that the Adirondacks is an attractive Mountain Biking destination.


          Judi Borland remarked, “Our 6+ million acre Adirondack Park is truly unique in perhaps the entire country, with the potential that exists here for increased sports recreation tourism that includes mountain biking.  Lee and I have traveled in 15 states in the past year and a half, and are not aware of any state or region from Mississippi to Maine that has this great a potential.”