Mountain Biking Trail Signage


One of the primary objectives of the APMBI is to develop and implement standards for signage, kiosks, etc. so each town's MTB center will be on the "same page" as they roll out their programs.


Here is the latest information on signage:

             1.      Each MTB coordinator (Inlet, Lake Pleasant, Wilmington) received a packet shortly after the new year, that included several pages from the DEC signage handbook which describes examples of the "older" and "newer" standards.

             2.      Build signs so they "look like" DEC's - even when they are NOT on state land (with landowner's permission).  The NYS DEC Sign Specifications Document gives you instructions on how to produce the signs.  Alternative "A" is the preferred method using MDO plywood for long-lasting, low maintenance signage. This will be less expensive in the long run according to DEC's sign shop.  Alternative "B" is the "traditional" method using pine board.

             3.      All signage will be "medium brown" color with yellow vinyl lettering

             4.      First, plan your signs - outside dimensions, the wording desired, sizes of lettering, etc.

             5.      Submit all drawings with sizes/specifications for approval by the APMBI Sign Specification Committee before constructing them...or having them built professionally.  The Committee includes: Paul Capone (chair), Lee & Judi Borland, Bert Yost, and a DEC representative.

             6.      Send plans to my home address: Paul Capone, RR1 Box 94, Vermontville  NY  12989.

             7.      DEC will provide to APMBI samples from the sign shop in Northville.  I will distribute a sample to each MTB coordinator (Ted, Bert, and Chuck) that can be used a demo.

             8.      The two diagrams below provide specifications for a small and large kiosk from the DEC Region 7 Draft Recreation Master Plan for State Forests.


Small Kiosk Example

Small Kiosk Example
Large Kiosk Example

Large Kiosk Example