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Steering Committee Meeting/Notes

JANUARY 29, 2001
DEC Raybrook, NY

PRESENT: Lee Borland; Judi Borland; Steve Erman; Tom Martin; Rob Eccleston; Paul Capone; Tim Tierney; Ron Ofner; Terry Martino; Karyn Richards; Karen Delaney (for Brian Delaney) EXCUSED: Greg Campbell; John Banta ABSENT: Ann Melious; JoAnn Reed Guest: David Gillespie, Mountain Biker, Canadian activist, Eastern US/Canadian Wild Area Cooperative



PUBLICITY: Judi B. reported on all the publicity that we know of (to date), including an AP wire that went statewide. Some newspapers printed our 2 page Press Release, and others, like the Albany Times Union and the Lake Placid News interviewed several people and published a customized article. The Hamilton County News gave us front-page (top article) coverage. The New York Mountain Biking Coalition (NYMBC) and the Town of Wilmington included info in their monthly newsletters.



SIGNAGE/USER EDUCATION MATERIALS: Tom Martin was asked to plan 10-20 min. presentation on signage at the next Steering Committee Meeting: e.g., should we have a Œtemplateı of an ideal trailhead sign to include a bicycle symbol, what regulations are in place re. signs, sign sources, costs, and kiosks.


"Multi-Use" (recreational) Trails. Tim T. suggested we stick to this term as much as possible.


Lee passed around some example handouts & maps used at Acadia National Park in Maine, which has 50+ miles of "multi-purpose" trails (hikers, bikers, horses, and horse and carriages). These materials include safety rules, Œright-of-wayı information, e.g. Mountain Bikers yield to everyone else on the trail.



TRAILS COMMITTEE : Paul Capone agreed to be Chair, with Joe Moore as co-chairman.


Tim T., Rob E., and Schenectady-based Gary Thomann also are on the Committee. They will catalog / post all existing /potential trails from the AATV Surveys onto a larger map, review for accuracy and suitability for MTB riding.


Paul will invite Gary T. to a future Steering Committee meeting to review the trail mapping process, using GPS, special software, etc.


Tim T. said ADK offers a 4-5 day Trail Building Seminar /Workshop ($15. Fee and includes meals). Also reported that National Trails Day is in June.



AATV (Association of Adirondack Towns and Villages) Surveys: Eleven (11) have been returned; three (3) are very comprehensive. (Wilmington, Inlet and Long Lake). Lee & Judi to email George Canon and Jean Olsen to thank them for their outstanding support of the Initiative.



The Steering Committee agreed to add just one more major Œfocusı for 2001, (in addition to Wilmington)-- the Town of Inlet. Lee and Judi will contact the Town of Inlet to congratulate them. They also will respond to every Town or Village that submits a completed Survey, thanking them for their interest.



Tourism "Corridor Management Plans" Terri M. and Ron O. explained this planning effort, which is backed by Federal money (TEA 21). Corridor planning is currently underway with the involvement of ANCA staff on the following:



The "Olympic Trail", from Sacketts Harbor to Keeseville, which includes Route 3, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, Wilmington, etc.



The "Adirondack Trail", along Route 30 from Fonda to Malone. This includes the Towns in Hamilton County, including Inlet and Long Lake.


With plans in place, Federal funding (TEA 21) is available for trailheads, signage, parking, kiosks, etc. as they relate to recreational sports tourism along the Corridors.



Web Site: The Steering Committee agreed to support Tim Holmesı new web site, which will include our MTB Initiative. He expects it will be up during the 1st week of February. Terry M. and Ron O. will find the $1,000. needed to help fund it for the 1st year. Many thanks to both! (and to Tim!)


NYMBC( New York Mountain Biking Coalition) It was suggested that the NYMBC website ( be linked with Œourı website. Lee will contact Pres. Jon Sundquist to discuss this link and coordinate with Tim Holmes.


The Steering Committee will issue a Press Release about our Jan. 29th meeting, and announce the web site (after it is on line).



Local Government Day: 3/21 & 3/22 Terry M. will represent the MTB Initiative at the 3/22 Workshop. Lee to notify George Canon.



IMBA Trail Care Crew: Rich and Jen Edwards of IMBA will be in the Adirondack Park with us from August 3rd to 6th. Tentatively, August 3rd & 4th in Hamilton County (Inlet, etc.) and August 5th & 6th in Essex County (Wilmington, etc.). Everyone should note these days and plan on attending a one-day Trail Building School at the location nearest you.

Look for more information and pictures at, including a picture of the Edwards!



Eastern US/Canadian Wild Area Cooperative Our guest, David Gillespie introduced to us the US-Canadian Cooperative whose objective is "to establish an international cooperative that addresses the needs of both the managers and users of the Eastern Wild Areas…involved in non-motorized outdoor recreational activities". It is expected that DEC and APA staff persons will attend the April 18-19, 2001 meeting.



Wilmington Mountain Biking Center Rob E. and Tim T. distributed a 1-page report on progress to date. Five sites have been located as possible multi-use trail networks (three on State Wild Forest, one on Town land and one privately owned property.) They have provided the information to the DEC for inclusion into the UMP process. Rob E. reports that he skied or snowshoed several of the trails and felt they were as good a network as any he has seen in the USA! Wilmington will be appointing a Town resident as MTB Coordinator.



Drainage/Erosion Control Tim T. introduced a concept he used in Stowe, VT in which they used pressure treated wood and used auto tires, halved and buried, to control erosion of MTB trails. Steve E. to investigate whether this measure could be used on trails on NYS lands.



Comprehensive Snowmobile Plan Karyn R. provided the APMB Initiative with a 2 page BRIEFING DOCUMENT that included a draft vision statement, goals and proposed planning process. She suggested that this might be a good model for our Initiative to follow, i.e. develop a comprehensive MTB Plan with a balance in usage by different groups (multi-purpose trails). Copy attached.



Paul C. reminded us that not all snowmobile trails are suitable or "open" to MTB, due to private landowners' restrictions, wetlands, etc.


The DEC Foresters are now on-site mapping/ inventorying all of the snowmobile trails, using GPS technology. Paul C. said that effort would be sufficient so we wonıt have to redo the same activity for MTB if available on the same trails.



UMP Process: Tom M. and Karyn R. led this discussion.



Split Rock UMP got accelerated on the task list because locals put their time and effort into writing part of the UMP for DEC. Wilmington could do the same.


Moose River Plains UMP: Forester Keith Rivers needs to hear from MTB interests NOW. Local input is important.


Tom M. to pass on info re our MTB Initiative to all Foresters working on UMPS, including both Regions 5 & 6.


Public Meetings on UMPs in last 2 weeks, along the Thruway corridor and downstate generated a lot of comments, some negative, regarding mixed use. Seems like some hikers donıt want to ever Œshareı trails with other users.


Tom M. stated all trails in Wild Forest are "open" to MTBs, except those marked as "Closed". Any citizen can Œflagı a trail and notify the Forester working on the UMP involved in that area.


DEC needs to get individual input from MTBers (e.g. what Town/Villages submit with their AATV Surveys) to include in all UMPs. Tom M. urged us to watch the DEC website for changes in UMP status ( As of now 16 UMPs are at the stage that DEC needs MTB Trail input.


Monday, Feb. 26th, 2001, 9:30 AM
At ANCA, 20 St Bernard St., Saranac Lake, NY
Coffee and Terryıs muffins will be ready at 9:15 AM!
Please plan to be there on time as we will start at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi Borland

Please call or email Judi B. ( within 2 days please, with any changes/ omissions in these minutes. After we hear from you (BEFORE Fri. Feb 2nd please) we will email the Minutes to all the others who are involved in the Initiative (i.e. those NOT on the Steering Committee). Please let us if know you concur with the minutes, even if you have no changes.


Please bring these Minutes with you to the Feb. 26th meeting.


PLEASE carry through/follow up on those items that are YOUR responsibility. THANKS!!






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